How often do we have to change a diaper on the baby?

Many parents (especially new parents) are confused about how often they have to change diapers. It is essential diapering the baby as soon as possible every time the baby’s bowel movements. The goal is to cleanliness and comfort. Also, avoid letting baby wearing a diaper that is too full of urine for too long, especially if the diaper is used types of disposable diapers and absorbent. In addition to the risks of infection, dirty diapers are also less will make the baby feel uncomfortable.

In general, younger babies will pee every one to three hours and defecate several times daily so that the need to change his diaper at every certain intervals. Along with the development of the baby’s month to month, then we will be able to estimate when to change a diaper our baby.

Assuming the use of disposable baby diapers, when changing diapers every time the baby pee, then this is going to spend a lot of money just for diapers only, and may be forced to reduce other expenses. Vice versa, if let baby diapers worn too long, the consequences affect not only the balance sheet, but also the health of our baby. The bacteria contained in the feces with urine will cause diaper rash in infants, and conditions like this certainly want to avoid.

The use of the diaper on the baby will be more efficient if we use cloth diapers or a more practical like clodi (cloth diapers), but it is important to have a sufficient number of diapers, and washing cycle is right that allows the diaper always clean and always available.

So the choice is to use disposable diapers that cost not less but more practical, or wear cloth diapers / clodi more efficient (especially in the long term), but requires effort and a lot more time. The decision is in our hands as parents.